After Post-Photography. Cultural and visual studies in photography

  • Friedrich Tietjen (Organisator*in)

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In the course of the 180 years after the official announcement of photographic technology, photography has become an inseparable part of our everyday practices. The thickening visual environment contains millions of photographic images that adhere to iconographies formed by photographic media including, but not limited to, film, video, pictures produced by optical measurement systems, or computer generated images that take the issue beyond the technologically photographic domain. These images tend to be perceived as depictions of reality. Yet at the same time they influence the way we think about the world, communicate, memorize the past and imagine the future. Understanding photography thus can not be content with the notion of it being a passive "mirror with a memory" but needs to take into account how much it can be, is and was used to create realities. The shift in humanities in the second half of XX century has led to opening of new domains of science research and new interpretations of familiar phenomena. The latter were to include not only photographic images already appropriated by art historical discourse but also photographic practices of the everyday. Visual and cultural studies regard photography as a complex field of images, practices, objects, meanings and representations. Recent publications in Russian language, including national and international authors, newly developed visual studies courses on university programs show the increasing interest to this area of study and research in Russia. The conference is intended as platform for multidisciplinary research within the domain of visual studies/cultural studies approach to photography. We wish to consider not only contemporary technologies of image creation but also contemporary meanings and interpretations of photographic images - including reframing of the XIX-XX century material.
Zeitraum15 Mai 201516 Mai 2015
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