Relations on the way. Mobility in papyri from the 4th to the 6th century

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Private letters provide a fascinating insight into the geographic mobility of ancient individuals. We learn not only about the infrastructure and provisions for the journey, but also about who was mobile. Due to many dangers on the road people did not travel alone but together with other people.
In which constellations did people travel from the 4th to the 6th century? Had it always been male relatives who accompanied women on their journeys? Do we see a dependency of female travellers on their husbands and male relatives? Does only sex play a role for ties and dependency on the move? In order to answer these questions, I draw on the analysis and interpretation of several papyri from the Byzantine period.
The aim of my paper is to raise awareness that not only women were dependent when it comes to mobility. More important than sex is the question which other factors did influence the possibilities and limits of one's own mobility. Thus, I am going to promote intersectionality for working on papyri.
Zeitraum26 Okt. 2021
EreignistitelIndividuals behind Documents: Papyri & inscriptions as a socio-cultural source?
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