St. Stephen’s Square in Late Medieval Vienna

  • Claudia Höller (Vortragende*r)

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The traditional utilization of the square around St. Stephen’s Cathedral as a cemetery and its architectural conception as a closed area around the main parish church of Vienna suggest that this was a self–contained space used only for Christian–liturgical purposes. But this explanation neglects the dynamic relations between square and cathedral, which resulted particularly from functional diversification in the course of the Middle Ages: as parish church, as seat of the university and a collegiate chapter, as royal burial place of the Habsburg dynasty, as well as, since 1480, as bishop’s see. These transformations caused on the one hand a rearrangement of the architectural space within and probably also outside the church, and, on the other hand, brought about the presence of diverse social groups – such as the parish clergy, the entourage of the bishop, scholars and students of different nations, canons, strangers, citizens and parish members. This implies that the “public” character of the space needs to be given greater attention than has been the case until now. The research project’s intention is to illustrate the different functional conceptions and actions with reference to architectural changes.
Zeitraum26 Apr. 2014
Ereignistitel10th European Social Science History Conference
OrtVienna, ÖsterreichAuf Karte anzeigen