The British Track in the History of Ethnic Cleansing

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Historians have recently drawn attention to what Philipp Ther calls the 'Western consensus on ethnic cleansing' during early- to mid- 20th century nation-state consolidation. Such insights, however, have insufficiently penetrated other fields of inquiry. Focused on Western powers' 19th century Balkan interventions and the international context of Turkey's subsequent emergence, this paper critiques the increasingly influential research program of sociologist Andreas Wimmer on the globalization of the nation-state through a closer examination of how Western powers' diplomacy provided incentives for the territorialization of ethnicity.
Zeitraum22 Nov. 2015
Ereignistitel47th Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies
OrtPhiladelphia, USA / Vereinigte StaatenAuf Karte anzeigen