Typology of gates

  • Ann-Kathrin Jeske (Autor*in)

Aktivität: VorträgePosterpräsentationScience to Science


A comparative study of (fortified) gates is aggravated by the variety of terminology used in the description of a gate complex and the single architectural elements it is composed of. This problem is not limited to comparative studies dealing with gates of different cultures. Even within one discipline (e.g. Egyptology or Near Eastern archaeology) the spectrum of terms used is broad. I will present a gate typology – based on Egyptian fortified gates – which deconstructs a gate into single basic architectural elements and in which these elements can be assembled per hierarchy in order to describe every gate. Due to the hierarchy of elements a classification system is facilitated. The proposed structure provides the possibility to describe gates of different geographical areas with the same terminology and in the same manner. A coherent description system is proposed to build a proper base to compare gates for a synchronic and diachronic study approach.
EreignistitelBroadening Horizons 5
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