Edgar Weippl im Gespräch mit Cybersecurity Magazine Podcast über seine Arbeit im Security und Produktions Sektor

Presse/Medien: Medienbericht

Zeitraum21 Mai 2021




  • TitelCSM Podcast: Security and Production System Engineering
    Datum der Veröffentlichung21/05/21
    BeschreibungIn the latest Cybersecurity Magazine Podcast, we talk to Edgar Weippl, SBA Research, University of Vienna, about his work in security and production systems.

    We discuss why cyber security is a particular challenge for production system engineering, the impact that increased wireless connectivity in production systems can have, and how the industry can move forward in this area.

    We also chat about the upcoming ARES conference (International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security) which will be held virtually from August 17-20, 2021.
    PersonenEdgar Weippl