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Michaela Weszeli

Mag. Dr.


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Michaela Weszeli
Department of Near Eastern Studies
Discipline: Ancient Near Eastern Philology and Near Eastern Archaeology


Research Interests/Forschungsinteressen

Ancient Near Eastern studies, esp. the material culture of the Ancient Near East (Mesopotamia), particularly shipping and water transport, Mesopotamian fauna as well as legal and economic history.




11/1991                         Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Mag. (MA), Vienna University

25/6/2002                      Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Dr. phil. Vienna University


Curriculum vitae

14/12/1992 to this day    “Vertragsbedienstete” (half-time) at the Institut für Orientalistik, Vienna University

1/10/2002-30/9/2008      University assistant (half-time) at the Institut für Orientalistik, Vienna University

18/10/2006-7/2/2007      Pregnancy Leave (“Mutterschutz”)

13/12/2006                    Birth of child

8/2/2007-30/6/2008        Maternity leave (“Karenz”)



regularely from 1993 onwards at the Institute for Institut für Orientalistik, Vienna University: (Sumerian, Akkadian, Gender Studies)



1998                              Construction of the first homepage for the Institut für Orientalistik

1998-2006                     in charge (webmistress) of said homepage


1992 to this day              collaboration, co-editor, sole editor of “Register Assyriologie” for Archiv für Orientforschung



1999 to this day              Archiv für Orientforschung co-editor, then editor in charge

1994-2001                     Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes Bd. 84-91 co-editor (Assyriology, Egyptoliogy sections)



2019ff.                          co-editorship of Archiv für Orientforschung