Annotated checklist of the terrestrial gastropods of Jordan (Mollusca: Gastropoda)

Eike Neubert, Zuhair Amr, Wolfgang Waitzbauer, Hazim Al Talafha

Veröffentlichungen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer Reviewed


The terrestrial molluscs of Jordan are revised. In total, 45 species of land snails were identified, 10 of them being recorded for the first time for the country. Taxonomic studies yielded some new insights: the large species of Buliminus in Jordan is B. jordani (Charpentier 1847), and not B. labrosus (Olivier 1804); the identity of Pupa michonii Bourguignat 1853 could be clarified, which constitutes an older name for Pupa ledereri L. Pfeiffer 1868; a new hypotheses is presented for the species of the Ferussaciidae living in the east Mediterranean area; and the latest results concerning the research on the helicid genus Levantina are discussed. The identification of most of the species is based on the study of type material, and the type specimens of many synonym taxa are here illustrated for the first time.
Seiten (von - bis)169-238
FachzeitschriftArchiv für Molluskenkunde : international journal of malacology
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2015

ÖFOS 2012

  • 106054 Zoologie