AUTNES Post Post Election Survey 2009 (SUF edition)

Sylvia Kritzinger, Julian Aichholzer, David Johann, Markus Wagner, Johanna Willmann, Eva Zeglovits

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Full edition for scientific use. This dataset contains political preferences of Austrian citizens eligible to vote (age 18 and older) after the national parliamentary election on 28.9.2008. It was conducted in the period 6.5. – 2.7.2009 through personal interviews (CAPI). 1165 respondents were selected via multilevel stratified probability sampling. The Kish selection method was used to reach younger respondents. Important variables are, among others, participation in the election; party preferences and party identification; media usage; ways of seeking political information; party closeness; self- and party-placements on a left-right scale; political participation; interest in the electoral campaign; coalition preferences; institutional trust; and preferences concerning the EU and other topical issues such as migration and asylum, the financial crisis, the environment, and nuclear energy. Additional variables capture demographics, weights, and interview ratings
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 24 Apr. 2020

ÖFOS 2012

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