AUTNES TV Debates Panel Study 2013 (SUF edition): Version 1

Sylvia Kritzinger, David Johann, Christian Glantschnigg, Julian Aichholzer, Konstantin Glinitzer, Kathrin Thomas, Markus Wagner, Eva Zeglovits

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This dataset contains political preferences of Austrian citizens eligible to vote at the national parliamentary election on 29.9.2013 (age 16 and older). Participants were surveyed in the period 16.8. – 7.10.2013 through an interactive online questionnaire (CAWI). Three waves were conducted before the election; a fourth wave captures opinions after the election. For the first wave, 3084 respondents were selected from a pre-existing online panel based on a quota sample. This survey emphasizes the TV debates during the election campaign and the evaluation of candidates. Further important variables are political interest; interest in the electoral campaign; party closeness; party preferences; party identification; media consumption; usage of social networks; economic situation; attitudes towards immigrants; psychological self-characterization (Big 5); coalition preferences; satisfaction with democracy; and implicit associations towards the FPÖ. Additional variables capture demographics and technical information.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 13 März 2020

ÖFOS 2012

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