Consideration of aspects affecting the evolvement of collaborative e-business in service organisations

Oksana Urikova, Irena Ivanochko, Natalia Kryvinska, Christine Strauss, Peter Zinterhof

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Once service organisations recognise collaborative e-marketplace as a strategic business approach, they can embrace the ultimate form of competition enabled by the internet. Hence, the collaboration makes it possible to create customer-driven value-chains by harmonising demand and supply channels. Then service organisations can reduce the costs, speed up time-to-market, and achieve flexibility by making decisions based on who can deliver the required services at the right price, quality and place. Thus, we study in this paper the influences on the development of collaborative e-business in the service organisations. We start with a consideration of the current state and the relations between e-business and c-business. We continue with a discussion of features, chances and challenges of the collaborative business in contemporary vibrant and fast rising markets, the businesses are acting in. We examine also a successful collaboration planning issues, as well as different aspects affecting the enlargement of collaborating businesses. And, we conclude with a viewpoint on future collaboration trends in the service organisations.
Seiten (von - bis)72-92
FachzeitschriftInternational Journal of Services, Economics and Management
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2013

ÖFOS 2012

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