Conversational Interfaces in Serious Games: Identifying Potentials and Future Research Directions based on a Systematic Literature Review

Barbara Göbl, Helmut Hlavacs, Simone Kriglstein

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Conversational interfaces have become a popular approach to human-computer interaction in recent years. While currently often employed in a business context or as personal assistants, recent advances show that their application potential goes far beyond that. The following paper presents a systematic literature review on the
integration of conversational interfaces using natural language in serious games. We provide an overview of application domains, designer’s motivations and reasoning. Finally, we summarize potentials and pitfalls of this technology in serious games, identify research gaps and suggest directions for further research.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2021
VeranstaltungCSEDU 2021 -
Dauer: 23 Apr. 2021 → …


KonferenzCSEDU 2021
Zeitraum23/04/21 → …

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