Countering science skepticism by means of citizen science – The ultimate solution?

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Research suggests that citizen science can improve the relationship between science and society. Citizens are involved in one or several steps in the academic research process, and sometimes also in decision-making. In addition to the effects found previously, such as increasing public understanding of science and the acquisition of subject-specific knowledge and methodological skills among participants, the question still remains whether citizen science can counter science skepticism. Based on a qualitative comparative analysis of literature, the potential of citizen science to counter science skepticism is discussed. After examining the promises of citizen science and general measures to alleviate science skepticism, the role and challenges of citizen science projects are investigated along the lines of changes in attitude, psychological effects, the role of participation and the importance of (science) communication as well as the benefits for the participants. The results show that citizen science can help counter science skepticism in several respects in addition to the role of (science) communication. While these findings need to be confirmed by empirical research, they still provide a basis for the discourse on the relationship between science and society and the role of citizen science in combating science skepticism in Europe.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2023

ÖFOS 2012

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