Die Larven der alpinen Laufkäfergattung Oreonebria K. Daniel, 1903 in Östereich (Coloeptera: Carabidae)

Markus Strodl, Barbara-Amina Gereben-Krenn, Charles Huber, Harald Krenn

    Veröffentlichungen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer Reviewed


    The genus Oreonebria K. Daniel, 1903, which includes thirteen species, is distributed all over the European Alps. In Austria Oreonebria is represented by seven species: O. atrata, O. austriaca, O. bremii, O. castanea, O. diaphana, O. picea and O. schusteri. All species generally live in the alpine and high-alpine regions, where they inhabit dolines, block fields, alpine meadows and glacier retreat zones. The aim of this study is to describe the larval instars of the Austrian species of the genus Oreonebria. The results of the morphometry and chaetotaxy have enabled us to give a determination key for the higher instars of the genus Oreonebria. The first instars are very similar to each other and hardly separable by morphological characteristics. The main characteristics for classifying the higher instars are measurements of the cephalic capsule (head width), the number of setae of the urogomphi and the number of setae of theventral sclerite of the pygidium.
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    FachzeitschriftContributions to natural history
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2010

    ÖFOS 2012

    • 106054 Zoologie