Ernährungskompetenz junger Männer - ein Konsensuspapier des forum. Ernährung heute

M. Gruber, P. Borota-Buranich, T. Altgeld, E. Berghofer, H. Mandl, A. Mörixbauer, W. Quasnicka, H. Rützler, N. Scheiblauer, S. Stidwill, O. Wawschinek, F. Weissenböck, M. Zentner, J. König

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By now young men were neither scientifically analysed regarding their interests in eating and competencies in cooking nor was this target group focused in health promotional activities. The special needs of young men aged 17 to 25 years are now elucidated in an interdisciplinary approach by means of three hypothesis. The consensus is based on the symposium "How do men eat? How do men cook?" on 19 May 2011 in Vienna and the following discussion with the speakers and experts in relevant disciplines. To raise the awareness for quality-orientated eating, drinking and food preparation and to build up nutritional capacity a scientific-theoretical analysis of the target groups' structure is essential. Since eating behaviour is learned in childhood and youth it is important to set on at least at adolescents. Because food culture, organisation of households, food preparation, production and trade are in transition, distinction and quality consciousness are more requested than ever. For measureable effects all mentioned aspects must be included in ongoing projects.

Titel in ÜbersetzungDietary capacity building in young men - a consensus paper of the forum. Nutrition today
Seiten (von - bis)526-552
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 1 Dez. 2011

ÖFOS 2012

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  • Awareness-raising
  • Gusto
  • Health promotion
  • Nutritional capacity
  • Young men