Exploring Science Communication: A Science and Technology Studies Approach

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Exploring Science Communication demonstrates how science and technology studies approaches can be explicitly integrated into effective, powerful science communication research. Through a range of case studies, from climate change and public parks to Facebook, museums, and media coverage, it helps you to understand and analyse the complex and diverse ways science and society relate in today’s knowledge intensive environments. Notable features include: - A focus on showing how to bring academic STS theory into your own science communication research - Coverage of a range of topics and case studies illustrating different analyses and approaches - Speaks to disciplines across Media & Communication, Science & Technology Studies, Health Sciences, Environmental Sciences and related areas. With this book you will learn how science communication can be more than just about disseminating facts to the public, but actually generative, leading to new understanding, research, and practices.
VerlagSage Publications Ltd.
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2020

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