Faire Intelligenzdiagnostik bei SchülerInnen mit Türkisch als Erstsprache

Georg Wilflinger

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The average school education level of non-German native speaking pupils (NGNSPs) in Austria is clearly under average of native German speakers: NGNSPs are overrepresented in special schools and underrepresented in higher education; not only for this reason the problem of fair assessment of their cognitive abilities is a current one. The allegation of German-language intelligence tests frequently lead to biased or wrong results, as shown in Studies concerning the AID 2 (Adaptives Intelligenz Diagnostikum 2): the majority of native Turkish speaking testees is disadvantaged by a German-language test administration. Due to this reason the version AID 2-Turkish (Adaptives Intelligenz Diagnostikum 2 – Version 2.2 samt AID 2-Türkisch, Kubinger, 2009b) was created. The AID 2-Turkish is applicable for German-language psychologists after good instruction and exercise, in particular of the Turkish pronunciation, and offers fairness, a good instruction understanding and appropriate standardization tables. The article describes, why non-verbal intelligence tests are not sufficient as an alternative, and shows the practical challenges and possibilities as well as the usefulness of the version AID 2-Turkish on the basis of a case study.
Seiten (von - bis)74-83
FachzeitschriftPsychologie in Österreich
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2012

ÖFOS 2012

  • 501018 Psychologische Diagnostik
  • 501005 Entwicklungspsychologie
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