Inorganic-organic-hybrid hierarchically structured methyl-modified silica monoliths

Doris Brandhuber, Nicola Hüsing, Herwig Peterlik

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    Highly porous inorganic-organic hybrid monoliths with mesopores in a macroporous network have been prepared from mcthyltris(2-hydroxyethoxy)silanc (MeGMS) and tetrakis(2hydroxyethoxy)silane (EGMS) in the presence of an amphiphilic block copolymer. The amount of methyltris(2-hydroxyethoxy)silane (MeGMS) in the gel has been varied from 0 to 100 %. These glycol-modified silanes have the advantage of being water-soluble and thus allowing for a direct templating of liquid-crystalline surfactant mesophases without the presence of a homogenizing organic solvent such as ethanol. The wet gels have been dried by supercritical extraction with carbon dioxide. In the present work, the sol-gel behaviour of these glycol-modified silanes is discussed especially with a focus on the formation of the meso- and macrostmcturc. In addition, the influences of the varying ratios of methyltris(2-hydroxyethoxy)silane on the structural features of the gels are investigated by various analytical techniques such as small angle X-ray scattering, nitrogen sorption, and scanning electron microscopy. Π2005 Materials Research Society.
    Titel2004 MRS Fall Meeting
    Redakteure*innenY. Chujo, R. M. Laine, C. Sanchez, U. Schubert
    Herausgeber (Verlag)Materials Research Society
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2005


    ReiheMaterials Research Society Symposium Proceedings

    ÖFOS 2012

    • 1030 Physik, Astronomie