Kirche und globale Kultur heute

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This text analyzes the challenges of contempary society and detects specific problems that the church is facing today. The text argues that the church bears a fruitful potential for society as it can be a place of real encounter and friendship in the light of contemporary challenges. These challenges are e.g. urbanisation, migration, consumer culture, the virtual world that replaces the world of experience, loss of tradition and history and subsequent searches for a “personal“ identity and individual fulfilment. As people from all generations and cultural and social backgrounds are searching for involvement in social and cultural networks, new possibilities for the church are developing. According to the authors, it would be of utmost importance that the church becomes conscious and raises awareness that it is a place of hospitality and mercy that is open to all those who have no place in society no matter the sex, class and ethnic affiliation. As society is threatened by a loss of history due to the expansion of the virtual world, the church is encouraged to establish a narrative space of recognition in which people can share their questions, experiences and crises. Thereby it is important that the church is sensible for the vulnerability of the other and reaches out to the people that find themselves at the peripheries of society and hear their voices.
Seiten (von - bis)281-293
FachzeitschriftTheologisch-praktische Quartalschrift
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2016

ÖFOS 2012

  • 603206 Fundamentaltheologie


  • Kirche
  • Interreligiöser Dialog
  • Papst Franziskus
  • Globale Kultur
  • Generationenkonflikt
  • Migration
  • Virtualisierung