Nonlinear Landau Damping for the Vlasov–Poisson System in R3: The Poisson Equilibrium

Alexandru D. Ionescu, Benoit Pausader, Xuecheng Wang, Klaus Widmayer

Veröffentlichungen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftArtikelPeer Reviewed


We prove asymptotic stability of the Poisson homogeneous equilibrium among solutions of the Vlasov–Poisson system in the Euclidean space R3 . More precisely, we show that small, smooth, and localized perturbations of the Poisson equilibrium lead to global solutions of the Vlasov–Poisson system, which scatter to linear solutions at a polynomial rate as t→ ∞ . The Euclidean problem we consider here differs significantly from the classical work on Landau damping in the periodic setting, in several ways. Most importantly, the linearized problem cannot satisfy a “Penrose condition”. As a result, our system contains resonances (small divisors) and the electric field is a superposition of an electrostatic component and a larger oscillatory component, both with polynomially decaying rates.

FachzeitschriftAnnals of PDE
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Juni 2024

ÖFOS 2012

  • 101002 Analysis