Onward migration and onward precarity of Latin American labour migrants in postcrisis contexts in Europe

Johanna Neuhauser, Thais França, Almudena Cortés

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The main aim of this paper is to shed light on the link between ‘onward migration’ and ‘onward precarity’ as an experience of continuous precariousness by paying attention to crisis/post-crisis contexts and how these contexts have led to precarity becoming structurally embedded in migrant labour markets in Europe. Onward migration studies have centrally focused on crisis contexts, but very little attention has been paid to post-crisis contexts. Thus, this article contributes to complementing the previous research on onward migration and onward precarity. The paper follows a qualitative and multi-sited approach based on in-depth interviews and discussion groups with Latin American migrants living in Madrid, Lisbon, and London. Our empirical analysis elucidates that labour mobility and onward migration are embedded in intersectional dynamics of exclusion which entail a continuous experience of multifaceted precarity.
Seiten (von - bis)1309-1322
FachzeitschriftJournal of Contemporary European Studies
Frühes Online-Datum15 Feb. 2023
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2023

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