Physical properties of novel thermoelectric skutterudites: EuyFe4-xCoxSb12 and EuyFe4-xNixSb12

Stefan Berger, Christoph Paul, Ernst Bauer (Korresp. Autor*in), Andrij Grytsiv, Peter Franz Rogl, Darek Kaczorowski, Adriana Saccone, Ricardo Ferro, Claude Godart

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Alloys from the two solid solutions EuyFe4-xCoxSb12 and EuyFe4-xNixSb12 were synthesised by argon arc-melting and isotypism was established with the skutterudite-type structure LaFe4P12. The Eu-content of the samples was determined by Rietveld refinements and electron microprobe measurements EMPA confirming a gradual decrease of the maximum Eu-content from y = 0.83 in EuyFe4Sb12 to y = 0.44 in EuyCo4Sb12 and to y=0.56 in EuyFe2Ni2Sb12. Eu0.83Fe4Sb12 orders magnetically around 84 K and the transition temperature decreases as a function of the Fe/Co and Fe/Ni substitution. X-ray absorption edge and magnetic susceptibility measurements served to define the electronic configuration of Eu and the magnetic state of the polyanions [Fe4-xCoxSb12]. To evaluate the figure of merit, thermopower, thermal conductivity and electrical resistivity measurements were performed. Due to the Fe/Co-substitution the hole number is reduced and further compensated by the electropositive element. This influences the Seebeck coefficients significantly, which has a great impact on the figure of merit.
TitelProceedings: 20th International Conference on Thermoelectrics ICT'01; Beijing; China; 8 June 2001 through 11 June 2001
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2001


ReiheProceedings / International Conference on Thermoelectrics (ICT)

ÖFOS 2012

  • 104017 Physikalische Chemie