Protura and molecular phylogenetics: status quo of a young love

Emiliano Dell'Ampio (Korresp. Autor*in), Nikolaus Szucsich, Günther Pass

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    Protura are among the latecomers to molecular phylogenetics. The first sequences were published about a decade ago; since then relatively little additional data has been collected. Nonetheless, the available molecular phylogenetic analyses have provided valuable contributions towards the elucidation of the phylogenetic position of the Protura. All studies endorse Protura as closely related to hexapods. To detail, remarkable results were obtained with respect to the potential hexapod sister group. Only few molecular studies support the traditional Ellipura hypothesis (Protura plus Collembola). Almost all corroborate a sister group relationship between Protura and Diplura, which previously was never considered by morphologists. Besides the absence of eyes (hence the name Nonoculata proposed by Luan et al. 2005), few further substantial morphological synapomorphies have yet been mentioned to support this taxon. With respect to the internal relationships among the different groups of Protura, molecular data indicates monophyly of Acerentomata and Eosentomata, while Sinentomata seem to be para- or polyphyletic; a result also obtained in some morphological analyses. However, since the molecular taxon sampling remains meagre, any conclusions must be treated as preliminary. Requirements for further molecular investigations are pointed out.
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    FachzeitschriftSoil organisms
    PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2011

    ÖFOS 2012

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