Rapporti commerciali fra la Tunisia e l’Italia centro-tirrenica fra IV e III sec. a.C.: gli apporti della cultura materiale ceramica

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This contribution analyses the development of commercial interactions between central-Tyrrhenian Italy and Carthage during the 4th-3rd centuries BC. The research starts from bibliographical scrutiny of already-edited ceramics of presumably central-Italian origin and is completed by the provenance study of transport amphorae and black glaze wares from recent excavations. For the identification of these new materials which are in part still unpublished, I refer to the fabrics of Campanian and Lucanian productions published in the FACEM database. The evidence of material culture of Tunisia presently available allows for a distinction between two different phases of central-Tyrrhenian trade during the 4th-3rd-centuries BC. Only the more recent one, which starts around 300 BC could be considered the expression of veritable commercial interaction between the Roman-Campanian area and Carthage and its Punic-Sicilian eparchia.

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ÖFOS 2012

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