ReuseMe - Towards Aspect-Driven Reuse in Modelling Method Development

Alexander Bergmayr

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Today, the construction of individual modelling methods is a commonly accepted practice in different application domains. Method engineers are, however, faced with complexity and high effort involved, especially during modelling language development, considered as one major task when developing methods. To alleviate this, one obvious step is to promote reuse, thereby increasing productivity and quality similar to what can be expected from reuse in software and information systems engineering. Although considerable progress in language modularization and composition is observable, the reuse principle is still rarely adopted in practice. Therefore, in this work, a research roadmap for ReuseMe (Reuse Methods), a novel aspect-oriented reuse approach is proposed. By involving artefacts generated during a method?s conceptualization down to its implementation and putting forth fundamental ingredients for a comprehensive method reuse process on top of an Open Model Repository, method reuse becomes leveraged. This paves the way for establishing a library, populated with potential reusable aspects that modularize method artefacts based on separating language concerns.
TitelModels in software engineering. Workshops and Symposia at MODELS 2010, Oslo, Norway, October 2-8, 2010, Reports and Revised Selected Papers
Redakteure*innen J. Dingel, A. Solberg
Herausgeber (Verlag)Springer
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2011

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