Servitization: transition from manufacturer to service provider

Natalia Kryvinska, Sebastian Kaczor, Christine Strauss, Michal Greguš

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The concept of servitization is driven by general business environment aspects like decreasing profit margins and revenues in manufacturing and equally internal drivers concerning financial, strategic and marketing aspects emerged. Consequently, higher margins on services tempt financial consideration, whilst the competitive advantage due to differentiation drives strategic aspects. Also marketing issues are tackled since servitization pushes sales and tightens customer
relationships. In fact, it is necessary to be aware that although servitization exclusively deals with services, its origin and motivation arises from the manufacturing industry, since services are augmented elements of the tangible products offer
TitelThe 2015 Naples Forum on Service
UntertitelService Dominant Logic, Network and Systems Theory and Service Science: Integrating three Perspectives for a New Service Agenda
Redakteure*innenEvert Gummesson, Cristina Mele, Francesco Polese
ISBN (elektronisch)979-12-200-0486-2
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2015

ÖFOS 2012

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