The role of fortified foods - Situation in Austria

Karl Heinz Wagner, Doris Blauensteiner, Isabel Schmid, Ibrahim Elmadfa

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Aims: Nutritional surveys in several countries worldwide showed an inadequate intake of some micronutrients. A possibility to challenge this development is the fortification of selected foods with micronutrients. The aim of this study was to evaluate the situation of food fortification in Austria and to elucidate to what extent added nutrients contribute to the daily nutrient intake. Methods: The amount of fortification was observed by inspections of supermarkets and retail outlets over a period of 4 months. The intake and contribution to the daily nutrient intake of fortified nutrients of Austrian adults (n = 1,700) was evaluated with 24-hour recalls (together with a food frequency questionnaire). Results: Altogether 470 fortified products have been found and classified into baby products, beverages, sweets, cereals, milk products, edible fats, and salt. Highest frequency of nutrient added was found for vitamin C (73%), B6 (43%) and niacin (37%). Calcium (23%) was the most added mineral and trace element. The contribution of fortified foods to the daily micronutrient intake was up to 40 and 10% for vitamins and minerals, respectively, for the total group. When only considering the subgroup of people who are buying fortified foods (users; n = 934) the contribution increases up to 74 and 19% for vitamins and minerals, respectively. No risk of an overdose of nutrients has been observed through food fortification. Conclusion: Food fortification is commonly used in Austria, although not selectively. The only one mandatory is the fortification of salt with iodine. Fortified nutrients contribute variably to the daily nutrient intake, in particular, for users of fortified products, a risk of an overdosed intake was not found.

TitelDiet Diversification and Health Promotion
Redakteure*innenI. Elmadfa
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2005


ReiheForum of Nutrition

ÖFOS 2012

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