Training of Religion Teachers in Europe. A qualitative study based on national reports.

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»Religion and Europe«. This entry can be found in the European encyclopaedia of the German Federal Agency for Civic Education. Religion also appears at the parliamentary level: the preamble of the EU Treaty was amended in 2009 in the Treaty of Lisbon to include a reference to Europe's religious heritage. Alongside these publications, it can be observed that in recent years a new phenomenon has emerged in Europe: religion is increasingly being viewed in a European perspective. The new shift towards this European perspective is also evident in the training of Religion Education (RE) teachers.
At present, however, there is a lack of empirical descriptive comparison in RE teacher education from an international perspective that does not disregard the complexity of the phenomenon. Above all, there is no mutual comparison of this specific teacher training that includes all European countries. This study aims to address this desideratum. Two complexes of research questions will be dealt with: a) What are the similarities and differences in the training of teachers of religion in Europe? b) What methodological potentials, limitations and perspectives are revealed by the comparative analysis?
As the analysis corpus of the dissertation project, the international "Rel-Edu" project ( is the main source of data. The content of this project is based on fixed impulses in European countries. The main aspect and core of the research corpus lies in impulse 10: "Training of teachers of RE: institutes, structures, priorities issues". In order to process and analyse the already existing data set, an empirical study will be carried out. A comparative method will be used to systematically compare the documents. The Grounded Theory according to Anselm L. Strauß and Juliet Corbin is suitable for this purpose.
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 2 Sep. 2023
VeranstaltungJahrestagung der Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Religionspädagogik (GwR) - Franckesche Stiftungen, Halle, Deutschland
Dauer: 1 Sep. 20233 Sep. 2023


KonferenzJahrestagung der Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Religionspädagogik (GwR)

ÖFOS 2012

  • 503024 Religionspädagogik


  • Religionslehrkräfteausbildung
  • Vergleichende Europaforschung
  • Qualitative comparison
  • Grounded Theory