VizieR Online Data Catalog: CALIFA galaxies O/H and N/O slopes (Perez-Montero+, 2016)

E. Perez-Montero (Redakteur*in), Rubén García-Benito (Redakteur*in), José M. Vílchez (Redakteur*in), Sebastian F. Sánchez (Redakteur*in), Carolina Kehrig (Redakteur*in), Bodo Ziegler (Redakteur*in)

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The CALIFA mother sample consists of 939 galaxies, but for this work we used a sample of 350 objects observed with the gratings V500 and V1200. The observed wavelength range and spectroscopic resolution (3745-7500Å, λ/Δλ≅850, for the low-resolution setup and 3650-4800Å, λ/Δλ≅1500, for the high resolution setup) are more than sufficient to explore the most prominent ionised gas emission lines, from [OII]λ3727 to [SII]λ6731, on the one hand, and to deblend and subtract the underlying stellar population, on the other (e.g. Sanchez et al., 2012A&A...538A...8S; Kehrig et al., 2012A&A...540A..11K; Cid Fernandes et al., 2013A&A...557A..86C).
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PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - Aug. 2016

ÖFOS 2012

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