Andrea Loettgers

Dipl.-Phys. Dr.

1992 …2024

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Modeling Practices in Physics and Biology

History of Science 

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Name:             PD Dr. Andrea Loettgers                              

Address:         Universitätsstraße 7                    

Institut für Philosophie                 

Raum A0322                   

1010 Wien

E-mail:            [email protected]


ORCID:         0000-0003-1870-2345           




2019 Habilitation in Philosophy of Science, University of Bern

1995 Ph.D. in Physics, University of Göttingen

1991 Diploma in Physics, University of Heidelberg




06/2019-05/2022 University of Vienna, Department for the Philosophy of Science. 

Senior Research Fellow in ERC Project: ‘Possible Life.’

06/2018-05/2016 University of Bern, Department for the Philosophy of Science and Centre for Space and Habitability.

Bernoulli Fellow in Project: ‘Definition of Life.’

06/2013-05/2016 University of Geneva, Department for the Philosophy of Science. Senior Postdoc in Project: ‘Biological Knowledge Through Modeling and Engineering.’ 10/2011-12/2012 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

Senior Postdoctoral Scholar in Project: ‘Role and Function of Metaphors in Synthetic Biology.’

11/2009-02/2011 California Institute of Technology, 

Senior Postdoctoral Scholar in project: ‘Scientific and Social Dimensions of Synthetic Biology.’

08/2007-07/2009 California Institute of Technology, 

Senior Research Fellow in History of Science Department/Department of Biology.

08/2006-07/2007 California Institute of Technology, 

Senior Postdoctoral Scholar in Center for Biological Circuitry Design.

08/2006-07/2007 California Institute of Technology, 

Senior Postdoctoral Scholar in the Center for Biological Circuit Design.

07/2005-07/2006 Harvey Mudd College, 

Hixon-Riggs Visiting Professor for Science, Technology, and Society Studies.

09/2002-08/2005 ETH Zurich, Institute for the History of Technology, 

Postdoctoral Scholar in Project: ‘Historical and Epistemological Investigation of the Development and Application of Computer Simulations: Neural Networks and Spin-glasses.’ 

09/2002-06/2003 California Institute of Technology, Instructor

09/2001-08/2002 California Institute of Technology, 

Huntington Instructor in History at the Division of Humanities and Social Sciences.

10/1996-09/1999 University of Göttingen, Institute for the History of Science.      




2016-2018      Bernoulli Fellow. Center of Space and Habitability, Berne.

2013-2016      Research Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.

2009-2010      Research Grant from the Alfred Sloan Foundation.

2009-2010      Visiting Research Associate, California Institute of Technology.  

2002-2005      Research Grant from the Swiss National Science Foundation.




November 25–26, 2016: ‘Understanding Life’, University of Bern, Switzerland.   Funded by: Swiss NationalScience Foundation and Center of Space and Habitability.

Speakers:  Mark Bedau, Reed College, Portland OR; Sara Green, University of Copenhagen; Marcel Weber,University of Geneva; Alvaro Moreno, University of Basque Country, Olivier Poch, University of Bern; KepaRuiz-Mirazo, University of Basque Country; Andrea Loettgers and Richard King, University of Bern; CarolCleland, University of Colorado Boulder; Maureen O’Malley, University of Bordeaux; Andreas Wagner,University of Zurich. 


June 27-18, 2014‘Toward a More Integrative View on ModellingExperimenting, and Simulating’, Universityof Geneva, Switzerland.

Funded by: Swiss National Science Foundation.

Speakers: Claus Beisbart, University of Bern; Arnon Levy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Uskali Mäki,University of Helsinki; Mauricio Suarez, Complutense University of Madrid; Eric Winsberg, University of SouthFlorida; Sara Green, University of Copenhagen; Andrea Loettgers, University of Geneva. 


October 18–19, 2005 ‘Exploring the performative Potential of Models and Computer Simulations. A New FormExperiment?’ Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, California. Funded by the Hixon–Riggs Program for ResponsiveScience and Engineering.  

Speakers: Sergio Sismondo, Queen’s University, Sabina Leonelli, University of Exeter, Martina Merz, UniversityAlpen-Adria Klagenfurt, Wien; Jay Odenbaugh, Lewis&Clark College, Orgeon; Giora Hon, University of Haifa;Tinne Hoff Kjeldsen, University of Copenhagen, Andrea Loettgers, Harvey Mudd College.









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