Empfehlungen für eine nationale Open Science Strategie in Österreich

Translated title of the contribution: Recommendations for a National Open Science Strategy in Austria

Katja Mayer, Katharina Rieck, Reichmann Stefan, Patrick Danowski, Anton Graschopf, Thomas König, Peter Kraker, Patrick Lehner, Falk Reckling, Tony Ross-Hellauer, Daniel Spichtinger, Michalis Tzatzanis, Stefanie Schürz

Publications: Working paper


A look at international activities on Open Science reveals a broad spectrum from individual institutional policies to national action plans. The present Recommendations for a National Open Science Strategy in Austria are based on these international initiatives and present practical considerations for their coordinated implementation with regard to strategic developments in research, technology and innovation (RTI) in Austria until 2030. They are addressed to all relevant actors in the RTI system, in particular to Research Performing Organisations, Research Funding Organisations, Research Policy, memory institutions such as Libraries and Researchers. The recommendation paper was developed from 2018 to 2020 by the OANA working group "Open Science Strategy" and published for the first time in spring 2020 for a public consultation. The now available final version of the recommendation document, which contains feedback and comments from the consultation, is intended to provide an impetus for further discussion and implementation of Open Science in Austria and serves as a contribution and basis for a potential national Open Science Strategy in Austria. The document builds on the diverse expertise of the authors (academia, administration, library and archive, information technology, science policy, funding system, etc.) and reflects their personal experiences and opinions.
Translated title of the contributionRecommendations for a National Open Science Strategy in Austria
Original languageGerman
Publication statusPublished - 21 Oct 2020

Austrian Fields of Science 2012

  • 509017 Social studies of science
  • 506017 Science and technology policy


  • Open Science
  • Open Access
  • Open Data

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