Post-Secular Feminist Research: The Concept of “Lived” Religion and Double Critique

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The frame of this article are post-secular conditions, in which dis- and re-enchantment happen simultaneously and are reflected also as political movements. Whereas schol- ars on religion, women and gender frequently request a deeper interest by secularist feminist scholars, the body of religion-critical literature concerned with populist anti- feminist movements have so far not been taken up by religious-affirmative feminist scholars. However, these global political circumstances pose the question, how a closer connection between religion-critical and religion-affirmative research could look like. In this paper, I will engage with the feminist concept of “lived religion” and “agency” as well as the in/exclusion of voices of religious feminists. I will argue that we need to include a methodology of double critique and to include the voices of religious femi- nists in order to see the available religious options for women who decide to take part in gender restrictive lobbying.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationTransformation of Religion
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EditorsChristian Danz, Jakob Deibl
Place of PublicationPaderborn
PublisherBrill Ferdinand Schöningh
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Publication statusPublished - 18 Apr 2023

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SeriesReligion and Transformation in Contemporary European Society

Austrian Fields of Science 2012

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