Project M3 - Manned Mars Mission: Building an Orbiting Station Around Mars

C Bombardelli (Corresponding author), J Lasue (Corresponding author), P Rogler (Corresponding author), V Ruelle (Corresponding author), J Schlutz (Corresponding author), M Schüßler (Corresponding author), B Sinzig (Corresponding author), Michael Taraba (Corresponding author), M Treffer (Corresponding author), A Valavanoglou (Corresponding author), M Van Quickelberghe (Corresponding author), M Walpole (Corresponding author), L Wessels (Corresponding author), Konstanze Zwintz (Corresponding author)

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This study deals with a manned mission which focuses on building an orbital station around Mars. The advantages in comparison to direct-landing scenarios are outlined and the necessary technology is described. The orbiting station prohibits contamination of and from the Red Planet and houses six astronauts in a 1100 days journey to Mars providing three pressurized modules: two of them will remain in a Low Mars Orbit for further human missions while the third module is used as an Earth Return Vehicle. A Bimodal Nuclear Thermal Propulsion System is used also for electrical power production. An advanced Environment Control and Life Support System, the necessary radiation shielding, human factors and crew selection criteria have been studied. The described partly reusable Mars Landing Module allows highest possible flexibility in the choice of landing scenario. The overall mission budgets in the fields of mass, power and costs have been estimated.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationESA Proceedings of the 1st Aurora Student Design Contest, Barcelona
PublisherUnknown publisher
Publication statusPublished - 2003

Austrian Fields of Science 2012

  • 103038 Space exploration

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